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Which Industries Are Future-proof?

Job seekers today are finding themselves facing a serious dilemma.  People want to work, to earn a living, but with the Covid pandemic many industries have been laying off staff, and are in no position to offer jobs to new applicants. Which asks the question – what industries are future-proof?

Now is a very good time for people, particularly new job seekers, to look closely at career options, taking note of those that have survived the pandemic; essential, or key, workers are likely to have a more future-proof job security than those who are employed in industries that are not seen as essential.  The hospitality sector has been hit particularly hard, and so have large sections of retail, apart from on-line sales.

Whilst the pandemic will not last for ever, and vaccines should bring it to an end sooner rather than later, it has served to highlight those employment sectors without which society simply cannot function.  The medical profession, at all levels, is vital, and will always be so, even when it is no longer under this degree of pressure.  Many of the larger infrastructure organisations such as transport, water, power and communications, have had to keep working, and have at times been short-staffed and desperate for skilled workers.

The pandemic has focused minds on the short term needs of industry, but climate change poses an even greater threat, and the ‘green’ industries, such as solar and wind power, modern agriculture, recycling, water purification, communication and many more are all developing new methods of working, and will be looking for skilled workers, not only to work on the front line, but also to take their research and development departments to the lead in their own technologies.

The fastest way into a good job in future-proof industries is to hold the right qualifications, but even workers who have not achieved good academic results can work their way up the career ladder given the right support, and provided they start in the right company. 

This is where expert help and advice is vital.  Somebody who is looking for their first job, or who is changing their career path, needs to be in a company that will make the best use of their talents, and which can offer job security even in situations that are beyond anybody’s control, such as the current pandemic. Dangan’s Recruitment Services has consultants who can go further than helping applicants to tailor their CVs to suit potential employers; they have contacts across a wide range of industries, and they can match the hopes and ambitions of their clients with the requirements of the industries.

The Covid pandemic has shaken many industries to their very roots, and has left many previously secure employees in serious doubt about their futures and their financial situations.  There has never been a better time to look for expert support.