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When Should You Consider a Career Change?

When you are stuck. When you are bored.  When looking at the same heap of paperwork in the ‘in’ tray, or the same components in the rack, or the same ingredients …  When the nasty feeling that you might be heading for redundancy doesn’t go away even though you tell yourself you’re being paranoid.  When the economic indicators suggest increasingly strongly that your industry is heading downhill.

There are times when a career change would be a stupid luxury, and the best thing to do is keep your head down and carry on working until the economic situation improves.  At present, job security is not something to be given up lightly.  Sometimes, dreams and ambitions do have to be put on hold.

But not for ever.

There is no reason why the dreams and ambitions should be forgotten, and planning for a brighter future will help to carry you through the dark and boring days.  If your present job is insecure, then you have no time to lose; either way, time spent in planning is never wasted.

An expert at your side will increase your chances of finding your feet in your new career.  Dangan Recruitment Services have consultants with experience and expertise, as well as contacts across a wide range of industries.  Dangan prides itself on matching clients to employers, and Dangan’s reputation has been built on client satisfaction.  If you are looking at the longer term, your consultant will be able to advise you on how to prepare.  You will need this qualification, that certification, and there are courses run here, and here, which will suit you.  This employer is looking for experienced workers, but that one has an excellent training scheme.  This company is looking for temporary workers, but will give you a good reference, and you will be able to mention the work you did on your CV. 

Planning a new career change is a very important step in your life.  Don’t leave anything to chance.